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Regardless of which way you choose to go, please don't ignore the signals you're receiving. Take a look at your diet, especially if you're consuming processed sugar on a regular basis as you really need to cut that right back. Switch to organic fruit and veges if your budget allows, otherwise make sure you peel all commercial produce. Switch to filtered water if you're drinking regular tap water, as the chemicals in tap water can cause problems through irritating your bladder lining. The problem with this is that your bladder lining is responsible for sending the 'empty' signal to your brain so any foods or drinks that irritate your bladder lining will be playing a part in the number of times you visit the toilet. It's a vicious cycle as your bladder then gets used to emptying more frequently, reducing its capacity. That's where Dry Swan Bladder Trainer (free app) comes into its own and is very useful for retraining your bladder. So! there's a few tips for you, do contact me if I can help you at all at [email protected] I'm just so thrilled I took back my bladder control and would love to help you do the same.