Welcome to Dry Swan Bladder Control!

Statistics show that one in three women (of all ages) are affected by bladder control issues. The unofficial statistics for women travelling through menopause is a whopping one in two! So, you're in the right place if you're keen to improve your bladder control naturally - through diet, exercise and taking a good look at where you're spending your energy.

You're also in the right place if you're ready to face menopause head-on and own it, instead of it trying to own you!

Because you are in control of your health and I can help you to become your own Health Manager, choosing which direction to travel, when it comes to achieving and maintaining your health and wellbeing.

Making you the Health Manager of your life is a wise decision, especially during menopause, giving you the opportunity to investigate your health and decide in which direction you wish to go.

"Learn how to achieve better bladder control naturally, and retrain your bladder to behave itself - so you can stop the toilet hopping!

2018 is the year to take back your good health and I look forward to helping you achieve that, because I know how absolutely wonderful it is to have control over my bladder and over my health.” - Tess Hansel, Founder of Dry Swan Bladder Control


"WOW! Thank you so much for your Dry Swan Exercise, it works a treat! I am so much more confident now driving from job to job. I wish I had known about Dry Swan years ago."

Dog Groomer

"This unique exercise has solved my 'leakage' problems during my daily exercise routine. It has returned my confidence to continue exercising without embarrassment."

Julie B
Senior Town Planner

"This is amazing - from the first time I tried it I felt the urge to go disappear,
which gave me time to get to the toilet."


Take Control Of Your Menopause Journey Naturally