Take Back Control Of Your Menopause

menopause Nov 30, 2018


You will need approx 15 minutes to read this, so make yourself a cuppa, take some time for you and spend some time with me. It will be time well spent. :) 


So, you've probably wondered what I've been up to lately as it’s been quite some time since I have produced an article on our site. It's high time that I shared how I have been taking back control of my menopause.


When you have a revelation that your time is being spread too thin, you also have the revelation that any control you have over your life is out of control and very very quickly you realise that your life resembles you dancing on puppet strings while an unseen force continues to influence and manipulate your thinking and actions.


Could it be all the time you spend on social media? That was the revelation I had. And I have to say I argued with that persistent thought for quite some time. I mean I wasn't just following frivolous groups and pages - although I will admit that those...

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What's Really Stopping You?

Achieving natural bladder control is all about persistence. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "I try to do my exercise but I keep forgetting" I would be a rich woman!
Here's what typically happens - someone reads a post, or watches a video, and gets motivated to 'change' and starts looking around at their life and making a mental list of how to change a few things and feel 20 years younger. What's the old saying - the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak?
So the next step is to jump in, sign up and start to receive LOTS of information...am I right? 
Then, the overwhelm starts and the three sites you signed up with begin to take on a mountainous shape, and before long, you're sitting there feeling even more overwhelmed than you did before you started on your latest attempt to health improvement. I know I've been there.
With the best will in the world, you try to keep up with all the rah, rah emails and videos and direct...
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The Power Of Our Words

Have you ever said something that you deeply regret? 

Something you wish with all your heart you could take back?

Perhaps it was to a friend, work colleague or a past partner or, even worse, your child or parent.

I remember yelling how much I hated someone and then later feeling a reflected pain of those cursed words as I saw the absolute hurt on that person's face. While those words were flung from my mouth, all I cared about was me. At that moment in time I didn't care about anyone else and let fly with all the venom and dirt that I could muster. I was a teenager and isn't that part and parcel of 'growing up' and learning what not to do? 

Isn't that the same anger and fire and despondency and depression and awkwardness that goes full circle and parks itself back in our lives during menopause?

I think it might be because I found myself, as the years grew into my menopause journey, being irrational and angry and so very sad - again it all centred around me.

In menopause...

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If In Doubt Leave Out - Sling The Mesh

Uncategorized May 14, 2018

You know that feeling when you wake up from a horrible nightmare and realise that life is normal again - as normal as it gets anyway? It takes a minute or two to adjust to the fact that the awful scenario you've just been living wasn't real and, as you fully wake up and sit on the edge of your bed you can breathe a sigh of relief.

But, just imagine if you were stuck in the nightmare, and you were trying to be heard but no-one was listening and that nightmare just kept repeating.

Sadly, that's the very real plight of thousands of women who are suffering daily and enduring pain that no-one  should ever have to experience - all because of the ongoing implementation of transvaginal mesh device surgery.

Recently I've become aware of the tragedy of mesh implants during these 'repair' operations and I have to say that this issue has deeply touched my heart. I can't imagine how cruel it is to trust a surgeon operating on you, only to find that the product used is now causing...

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Put Yourself Back At The Top Of Your Care Life

menopause health May 08, 2018

When was the last time you sat down and took a good look at your health? It's really important, especially during menopause, for you to do that - take some time for you. Just, stop, catch your breath and assess where you're at right now.

A little while ago I read Julie Dennis' book The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge: 10 days to cool down, calm down and break through the fog of menopause.

I highly recommend Julie's book as it gives you the opportunity to STOP!

Stop and assess where you're at - right now.

And, here's why that's important...

As you approach and journey through menopause your energy levels shift over the years and, if we can use the analogy of our bodies compared to a vehicle, you can see that our needs change as time goes on.

Speaking of aging vehicles, let me share a story with you - it was when I was a teenager and went to the ski fields one day with my older sister and her Italian husband. We were in a Morris Minor car which had seen a lot of miles and, although it...

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Take Time To Relax And Enjoy The Health Benefits

stress and menopause May 02, 2018

When was the last time you did absolutely nothing? 

I'm not talking about watching TV, at the same time as checking your phone, or pretending to 'chill' or relax, I'm talking about actually stopping and doing nothing.

If your answer is - "never," or "I can't remember," then I'm feeling rather concerned for you.

I'm not trying to be a drama queen but this life that we now live is so far removed from our grandparents and even parents, that we can find ourselves totally overwhelmed.

And that overwhelm can happen in a split second of time - with or without your permission.

It's really important to just 'be' these days, to switch off the TV and the phone and practise some 'you' time.

The benefits to your health are multiple and hopefully you won't find yourself yelling at your family or loved ones - and hearing that high pitched voice thinking "Is that my voice...?"

And, just as importantly, you won't take all your pent up frustration, anger and sadness out on your fellow work...

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Your Bladder Loves Water!

It's true - your bladder loves water! Happy bladder - happy life!

That's all well and good, I hear you say, but it can be a drag downing loads of water.

That's why I recommend you increase your water intake by sipping.

There's a rule of thumb when it comes to hydrating that it's best to drink a glass at a time, but if you've been a bit slow on the water consumption, then trying to drink a lot of water at once isn't the best way to go.

For starters, it can make you feel quite nauseous, if you're not used to drinking a reasonable volume of water.

So, start small and sip. The key to that method is to sip often. A water bottle is a great thing to have when you're increasing your water consumption, but make sure it's free of the chemical BPA (bisphenol-A). Check the label before purchase and look up the brand online.

Looking at water consumption, the rule of thumb for an adult is 8 glasses of water a day (generally around 8oz volume glass) or approx 2 litres a day.

You may think it's...

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Retrain Your Bladder And Lose Weight At The Same Time

Retrain Your Bladder And Lose Weight At The Same Time

I hear what you're thinking..."Did you just say I can retrain my bladder and lose weight at the same time?"

I did! You see, retraining your bladder will have you looking at dietary changes and, if you're serious about improving your bladder control naturally, you will gladly make some small changes for a big gain.

If there was ever an added incentive to achieve better bladder control, then consider what happens when you make a few changes to your lifestyle to improve your bladder control, because weight loss can very often be achieved through improving your bladder control.

When you take a little time to check out what’s going on with your bladder, you may well discover that the effect on your bladder is just the tip of the iceberg, and bladder control issues can be an indication that it's time to look after your total health.

So, what's going on with your bladder? is it reacting to certain foods and/or drinks?


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The Most Effective Way To Do It Is To Do It - Amelia Earhart

The most effective way to do it is to do it - Amelia Earhart.

What an amazing woman, so courageous and a go-getter!

I could have done with this quote when I was sobbing into my cornflakes one morning, a few years ago. I had already been 'let go' (tell it like it is Tess - fired!) from my second contract job and was reflecting on my choices and decisions, after raising some issues for the people who were permanently employed. Having just finished a permanent role where employees were also being pushed out due to age, it really hit home that someone had to say something and raise their plight further up the management chain.

At this particular workplace, their boss was ignoring their plight - get this, one woman was purposely seated under a central air conditioning vent which was turned up high. This was the middle of winter, and when I first walked into that office she looked like she was working in the South Pole!

Long story short, I escalated the issue past my immediate site boss...

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Bladder Control Is A Learned Skill


Do you remember when you learnt how to ride a bike?

How difficult it was developing the skill to ride a bike?

I can remember, as a young child, learning how to ride an adult bike that had no pedal part for my foot, just the mechanism that went round. Talk about dangerous! There I was out on the street, watching out for cars, and only able to hold the bike up if I leant on one foot tip toe. Lots of scrapes and failures but, you know what, I learnt how to ride that bike! And I guess it's that tenacity that I applied when it came to delving into all things bladder control and learning how to hone my skill there as well.

Because that's what you need to do to achieve better bladder control, polish up your skill of control.  As young children we learn to listen to the signals our bodies are sending us. At first it's nigh impossible to control but over time we learn how to recognise the signals our brains are sending us and before you know it, have proudly done our...

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